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The district wide contact for Gilbert Community School District is
Online Payments
Phone: 5152323740
Address: 103 Mathews Dr Gilbert, IA 50105

Building contacts are listed below.

Gilbert High School
Rhonda Gardner
Address: 312 Gretten Street
City: Gilbert
Phone: 515-232-3738
Fax: 855-827-1298


Gilbert Elementary School
Christine Stokke,
Address: 109 Rothmoor Drive
City: Gilbert
Phone: 515-232-3744
Fax: 855-313-5093


Gilbert Middle School
Angi Nespor
Address: 201 East Mathews Drive
City: Gilbert
Phone: 515-232-0540
Fax: 855-827-7420


Home School& Inactive Accounts
Vicky Strom
Address: 103 Mathews Drive
City: Gilbert
Phone: 515-232-3740
Fax: 855-827-5400


Intermediate Building
Tina Ragaller
Address: 103 Mathews Drive
City: Gilbert
Phone: 515-232-3748
Fax: 855-313-1520